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Pasta Corner® is a fresh pasta restaurant/grocery store with an Italian flair.

We are making fresh pasta daily for the customer to see and enjoy whether they want to buy it fresh and cook it at home or have it prepared by our talented Chefs according to our delicious recipes.

Our menu was carefully created to please the purists as well as the ones looking for a bit of panache in their food.

From the pasta to the sauces, everything is made in house daily.

We are proudly sourcing the best ingredients in the World to ensure that our love for cooking can be tasted in every single dish we serve.

Our market side is offering an array of extremely well curated goods that will enhance everyone’s kitchen.

We thrive in providing our clientele with the best customer service possible in order to match the quality of the food we offer.


We have shown great success in working in fast-paced environments such as office districts and busy markets therefore we understand how important it is to be in and out of lunch in 30 minutes.
Finally, the esthetics of our locations is equally as important as the few other qualities of Pasta Corner®. We strongly believe that you eat with your eyes first.

Our slogan: Love is Around the Corner.



Vincent Benoliel

Already owner of Michelina and co-owner of Pasta Corner in the Original Farmers Market. After 18 years of experience in the food industry in the US he proved himself as a successful chef and director in his different type of food business from Miami 2002-2016 where he was managing over 70 employees within 5 restaurants and a bakery, to Los Angeles where he opened his wholesale bakery company in 2016 with such clients as Disneyland park and hotels, Google, Air France, Etihad, Qantas, Lufthansa, Air Tahiti, American Airlines and some of the most prestigious hotels in Los Angeles (PENINSULA, BEVERLY WILSHIRE, EDITION, WALDORF ASTORIA etc...)

Matt Pokora

One of the most successful French artist for the past 19 years, and counting! Already co-owner of Pasta Corner and co-owner of a restaurant in France since 2015 ( l'Alpin Annecy) which has become one of the most popular restaurant of his region and has been rewarded by the 2021 TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Top 10% restaurants in the world. Matt has a power of communication that no other starting business could have trough his social medias ( 3.3 M followers on instagram, 2.2 M followers on facebook) combined with his wife actress and singer Christina Milian ( 7M followers on instagram) they reach more than 10 million people when they post about Pasta Corner, Michelina etc... They also bring influent people such as actors, singers, influencers etc... to come visit their businesses.. Which is an amazing added value in an era where people get to discover places where to hang out and all type of restaurants and food business through the trends on these social medias.

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